15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (2023)

Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney's most important and influential movies and is certainly one of the best animated films of all time. With a plethora of fantastic characters, a fantastic story, great songs, and a strong moral lesson, there is plenty to take away from this superb movie.


But at the heart of the entire film is Belle. She's arguably Disney's greatest ever princess for a variety of reasons. She sees through the Beast's tough exterior to see his warm personality, she isn't judgemental, she's incredibly smart and encourages reading. Throughout the film she comes out with plenty of fantastic lines as well, because she's a very well-written character, but what are her greatest quotes?


Updated on November 29th, 2021 by Mark Birrell: Disney's groundbreaking animated Beauty and the Beast movie from 1997 has many famous lines but Belle's remain some of the most quotable, and for good reason. She never backs down from a fight and she knows exactly what she wants. She's a truly inspiring Disney character that fans will never forget and these great Belle quotes demonstrate why that's the case.

Belle Won't Be Told What She Wants

"What do you know about my dreams, Gaston?"

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One of Belle's best qualities is that she won't be told what to want out of life by those around her in her secluded country life, least of all the brutish Gaston, who wishes to marry her and leave her to look after his home and children for him.

Belle lets Gaston know quite frequently throughout the movie that she finds him repulsive but the lumbering hunter is just too narrowminded to see it, even though lines like this one couldn't make it any clearer.

Belle Wants A Life Of Adventure

"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere."

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (2)

Another of Belle's greatest attributes is her yearning for adventure, which makes her hugely relatable and a fun character to go through a fantasy story with as she's always interested in her fantastical surroundings and wants to know more.

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Belle sings this line in her big opening number about wanting more than the country life can offer her. It's a testament to her character that she doesn't come off as snobby and rather an admirable dreamer instead.

Belle Is Big Enough To Admit She's Been Wrong

"True that he's no Prince Charming, but there's something in him that I simply didn't see."

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (3)

As Belle gets to know the Beast better, giving him a second chance after a rocky start, she begins to see his softer side and she's not so big that she can't admit when she's been mistaken.

Belle's willingness to learn and be open to new experiences is a big part of what makes her one of the all-time great Disney Princess characters, and her forgiving nature allows her to truly find the Prince Charming character that she's dreamed of meeting.

Belle Wants To Write Her Own Story

"And for once it might be grand to have someone understand I want so much more than they've got planned."

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (4)

Belle is a strong character who knows what she wants, but that doesn't mean that life is kind to her. her father may be supportive but the people around her constantly seem to want to pigeonhole her and even beat her spirits down.

Belle sings this wistful line just before Philippe appears and leads her on her adventure to meet the Beast and save him from his curse. So perhaps the universe was listening to her plea.

Belle's Greatest Attribute Is Her Mind

"Well, some people use their imagination.”

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (5)

While Belle is quite relaxed and calm with her views, not often arguing or making a scene, she does have a little sass in her when it's required, as this line showcases. With Gaston questioning how she can read a book that has no pictures, Belle provides the perfect response to silence him immediately.


Gaston has such a childish view at reading books and Belle showcases why she's more sophisticated and intelligent, happily using her imagination to bring the stories to life within her books. But the reason this is so great is that it silences an otherwise arrogant Gaston.

Belle Is Never Fooled By Gaston's Charms

"Gaston, you are positively primeval."

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (6)
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Another of Belle's funniest lines comes at Gaston's expense, as she makes it clear exactly what she thinks of him. The funny part is, that Gaston doesn't even understand that this isn't a compliment and he takes it as one, despite the fact Belle is mocking him.

The quote is great because it highlights Belle's intelligence and the fact that she's smart enough to tell Gaston exactly how she feels about him, knowing full well that what she's going to say will go over his head.

BelleIs Never Afraid To Tell It Like It Is

"Well, you should learn to control your temper!"

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (7)

It isn't just Gaston that Belle is willing to put in their place, as she happily tells the Beast how she feels as well. Despite the fact that the Beast has a monstrous appearance that might seemingly make him scary to tell anything to, Belle is still brave enough to do it.

The Beast's temper is a big problem for him earlier on in the film and it's something he learns to control for Belle, especially after this quote. She happily informs him that he needs to control his temper and from then on they do have a better relationship.

Belle Is Always There For The People She Loves

"Of course I came back."

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (8)

At the end of the movie, the Beast is ready to give up the fight and allow Gaston to kill him, believing he has no real purpose to stay alive. That is, of course, until he sees that Belle has returned to him and wants to be with him, which forces him to pick up the fight.

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Even though he deals with Gaston, the Beast ends up severely hurt which leads to an emotional conversation as both he and Belle believe he's dying. This is where Belle makes it clear she was always going to come back, making her feelings very clear to him.

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Belle Is Selfless

"Take me instead."

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (9)

When Belle first meets the Beast, he takes her in as a prisoner in order for her to replace Maurice. It's a moment of pure kindness and sacrifice as she isn't aware that the Beast is actually kind and sweet at that point and instead thinks he's just a monster.

However, her love for her father trumps whatever pain or problems she might go through by being a prisoner in the caste. It showcases her kindness and compassion and how it trumps anything in her life, and that is something that sets her up as such a likable character.

Belle BravelySticks Up For The Beast

"I know he looks vicious, but he's really kind and gentle. He's my friend."

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (10)

Belle uses the magic mirror to show the villagers that the Beast is real in order to prove her father isn't crazy, but that only backfires as it makes the village want to kill the Beast. Belle quickly sees the problem she's caused and that brings out this fantastic quote.

She clearly cares for him deeply and she tries to make that as clear as possible, telling them all about how nice and gentle he is, which might seem like the total opposite to his appearance, but Belle is someone who knows the Beast better than anyone.

Belle Can See Who The Real Monster Is

"He’s no monster, Gaston. You are!”

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (11)

This is certainly one of the greatest quotes from the movie and it is the point where Belle really makes it clear that Gaston is the villain of the film. While the audience is well aware that the Beast isn't some sort of monster who is trying to hurt people, Gaston and the other villagers aren't so sure.

However, everyone does know that Gaston has some very mean personality traits but people are just afraid to tell him. That's why this quote is great as Belle isn't afraid to tell Gaston how it is, with this being the big moment that she stands up to him.

Belle Has Hope Even in Hopeless Situations

"We're together now. Everything's going to be fine, you'll see."

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (12)

Belle's hopeful attitude remains just about unbreakable even in the most hopeless situations and it's hard not to be impressed by that facet of her personality. With this line, she comforts a dying Beast, with her voice beginning to crack slightly.

Clearly, Belle doesn't fully believe what she's saying, as her optimism doesn't make her foolish enough to oversee the seriousness of the Beast's wounds, but she refuses to just give in to despair and that makes this one of her great quotes.

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Belle Finally Speaks Her True Feelings

"Please don't leave me. I love you."

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (13)

With the Beast finally succumbing to his wounds and the final petals of the enchanted rose beginning to fall, it looks like it's all over for the pair. After a rocky road to love, Belle finally admits her true feelings for the Beast.

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Just when the audience thinks this is the end of their story, the power of Belle's love breaks the Beast's curse, saving his life in more ways than one and transforming him back into a human.

BelleLoves The Beast In Both Of His Forms

"It is you."

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (14)

This might not be a lengthy quote or one that has lots of philosophical meaning, but it is the moment she realizes who the Beast is when he returns to human form. It is all about the eyes which help Belle work out who he is, and it shows that through his appearance that is what she was focusing on.

His kind eyes never changed once, whether he was a Beast or a human, and that is a very warm moment. It's the point where Belle gets her big happy ending which she deserves throughout the film, making it a great moment.

Belle Wants The Most Out Of Life

"I want much more than this provincial life."

15 Best Belle Quotes From Beauty And The Beast (15)

This is a quote that Belle sings early on in the film and it just sets the tone for the entire movie and her as a character. It makes her personality very clear, as she is someone who has a real lust for life and a desire not to just be content with what she has been given.

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It is the best way to sum Belle up, as a character who always wants to push herself to improve her learning and grow herself. She wants adventure and she's happy to go searching for it, which is something that makes her such an excellent character.



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